Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What's The Diff?

Alright, so there is something that has been bugging my mind. I don't enjoy saying it but is it normal for close friends (like really, really close) to see each other, how do I put it, naked? There you go, I said it.

I've been watching Cougar Town recently and the main lady, Courteney Cox, along with her two best friends have no qualms about showing off their body to each other. I balk, not because they did it, but they made it so easy like a medical check-up or something.

Of course, it's not just the girls from the Cougar Town. I've seen other shows where even the guys and the girls were comfortable with each other in their birthday suits. Is it really that easy? Sometimes, I have hard time to even let my close friends see me in a sleeveless top. (Granted, that was a few years ago)

I'm curious. How did they start to be so comfortable with each other? Does it happened just like that or there was an agreement or something? 

If it were me with Daion and Steph (Two of my closest friends), we'd be like marking the special day down on the calendar in bold red. Next, we'll book a two night stay in a snazzy resort over the weekend. Check in, spend the day at the beach and have Prime Ribs for dinner. Then, we'll retreat to our suite, have plenty of booze before changing into 'towel'.

We'll be standing in a triangle formation, hands gripping the towel tightly and looking at each other trying to reason why are we doing this but are too giddy to do so thanks to the booze. 

In a clear, loud united voice:




BAM, Nightmare Baby~!

Of course it'll be Dark Mare instead, had we not booked a waxing appointment in the resort prior to the showdown. Bottom line, it's too scary even for the trio of close friends like us. But would you?

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"Can you cut the mustard
 to clear the custard?
 Slippery dick?
 It's just a fish in the Atlantic."

 Peaches, Slippery Dick.

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