Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Really. Anyone.

In Starbucks now, waiting for my brothers and my niece to finish playing in some theme park.

I can't say i'm bored 'cause i finally have sometime for myself and went online for after so long.

In a time like this, i wish i could have a glass of lethal cocktail and someone to talk to.


"So tell me,
 do you want to drink some alcohol?
 I'm just a boy but i have a very strong punch
 and i have just broken your nose."

 CSS, Alcohol

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


How's Chinese New Year everyone? I'm visiting my Aunty in Jakarta. It's been so long since i'm here and i must say i really feel at home ( Jeez, its Indonesia anyway )

School is starting next monday and i've not done anything much. *crossing fingers*

Anyway, here are some fun shots that i had when i'm in school.

Watch out, Madonna!

Look Ma, its your prom night gown!

Wactha looking at, Punks?

Harry potter and the Cabaret Trio.
Coming Soon.

There you go, there are more but you can visit Glenn, Miffra or Angela's blogs. I'm too lazy to upload them. They are in the link =) Art school is fun but stressful. Can't tell isn't it? 

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
 That's what i say.
 Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
 It's not okay."

 The Sounds, Running Out Of Turbo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Feel It All

Now i understand it. We love to think that the most influential people on earth that changes us deeply are those that you don't know, say, like maybe the guy who reached the top of Everest or fought against injustice which splashes across the tabloids and the list goes on.

Yet, the most influential people are our parents.

It slowly runs through my mind. Why we need parents to born into this world and not just popped out from a bubble in the middle of air. They are the one who shaped me and damaged me so i'll grow up imperfect.

I realised my mum longed to feel protected and my dad somehow felt horrible for not able to preserve our family the way he want it to be. I guess it stemmed from my 3rd brother. 

Angry on how he watched my brother slowly morphing into someone whom he once was. And through that i saw my dad turning into my grandfather, someone he felt bitter against.

Its scary on how history teaches us lessons; so brutal and so honest that it hit the core.

I had a dream last night. I dreamt that i was confronted by God. 

I was stirred and shaken, something was welling up inside of me. I cried.

Yet, when i woke up from the dream, where is my cry? My brackish tears barely even filled up my eyes.

I don't need the strength to fight. I just need the strength to protect. My family, friends and those whom i desired to protect.

Ironically, i left myself vulnerable. 

But i'll find myself in time.

Because time is not what i think.

"Am i faithful?
 Am i strong?
 Am i good enough to belong
 in your reverie a perfect girl?"

 Sarah MacLachlan, Perfect Girl


Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog, Blog, Blog.

  You know, i can't believe that my previous post was on 8th of Jan and its 19th Jan now. Oh well, i'm was so caught up with my school works and still am. However, i guess its only right for me to blog about what happened for the past week.

  My 2D Mural project was already over but the process was like... Can i just say? It's freaking exhausting. Me and my group members even stayed back in school until 11 p.m on last Thursday. So there's no wonder that i snapped as easy as a thin twig.

  Though, i must say the process was pretty fun. Really. I met Zhen Mei Li, the Chairman of New Sarong Party Girl Singapore ( in short NSPGS)

"Hi ya'll, I'm Zhen Mei Li. I want to know you if you're Angmoh"

"I wonder where all the Angmohs have gone to?"

"Gosh, Edward Slater at 3 o'clock! AtttACK with killer face NOW"

"By the way, this is the Vice Chairman, Da Tou Fa"

  Well, there you have it. Erm, i never get to meet her after that... Thank goodness. By the way, the comment post by jujunumberonefan on my previous post really made me smile. Don't worry, i'll still blog.

"Whiskey please.
 I need some whiskey please.
 So bring me consciousness
 and kill my innocence."

 Ida Maria, Queen of The World.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Human Behaviour

Fiery Chariot

Oh fiery chariot,
swing by the earth.
Hanging by so low,
all of us waiting to get home.

Oh fiery chariot,
rush down with the wind.
There's enough room,
for all of us to get in.

Oh fiery chariot,
please tell your master.
All of us
want to go home.

Julius Kensan
( Sentimental Freak )

Anyway, i can't wait for Chinese New Year, to go back and see my family again. 

School has started on monday and things have been going the way it should be. However, this semester starts with lots of dramatic events. I know right? I love this kind of dirt. I got so excited that i can barely blink.

I just want to let things go the way it should be and watch it from afar. As in, i'm not saying that i'm so mean to see horrible stuffs happened but i just love to observe the reactions and the behaviour of my classmates. 

Human emotions intrigue to no end.
I want to study it. 

I want to understand how our brain behaves.

Maybe someday i know how my mind works as well.

"The pleasure is all mine.
 To get to be the generous one,
 is the strongest stance.
 The pleasure is all mine."

 Bjork, The Pleasure Is All Mine

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Learn The History


Never been kind,
even under the morning light.
Seizing me over completely,
spinning me head over heels.

You work best with guilt,
shooting arrows of memories.
I wish to melt into you,
morphing your past into figures.

Nailing it without fail,
pushing me over the ledge.
My tonsil could not help
but to scream out your name.

Julius Kensan
( Sentimental Freak )

On a lighter note, Bobo dropped by 'Nicholas' just now to visit me. He got me my favourite Green Tea Latte from Starbucks and things got a lil' crazy from then on.

Hold on while i satisfy my craving.

What could go wrong right?

Caffeine intruding my minds.

I need to get a hold on myself.


My closest to Prada Fall/Winter 2008

Or Maison Martin Margiela

Perhaps a little Suvi Koponen-ish on the Calvin Klein campaign.

I'm off the hook.

Digesting my caffeine fast.

So you wanna see more?

Too bad! That's all folks =)

Friday, January 2, 2009

How My Camera Behaves

Today was eerily quiet over at Marina Square. No one seems to walk past 'Nicholas'.

At a time like this, i wish i don't have to work, since it's so quiet anyway =T

So, in order to cure my boredom, i took pictures!

Can't wait for my new haircut again =)

"I can't get out of bed,
 can't get my dream
 out of my sleepy head."

 The Cardigans, Nasty Sunny Beam

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Spot My Bother

I'm still too lazy to do research for my school projects before it started. 

Maybe i should call my lecturers up.

"Hi, i've not done a single thing you asked me to. Happy New Year. See you in school. Bye"

I still remember how i ranted about wanting the 2nd Semester to start immediately. Now, i'm taking back my word. ( Note to my this year's resolution: Think before you speak, fool! )

I've enjoyed too much of spooking those alley cats around my house whenever they didn't notice during the holiday.

Nope, actually i didn't do that. ( Another note to the resolution: Stop cheating your readers! )

I just enjoy doing nothing but i must stress that its damaging because i'll become useless if i really do nothing. Rather than really doing nothing, i borrowed a book from Bobo.

Its called A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. The last book that i've read from his works was The Curious Incident of A Dog in a Night time. So i guess this will be just as good as its predecessor.

Oh~ before i forget. Happy New Year!

"Sick and tired and homeless,
 with no one else to shine for.
 Sick of all my distress,
 but i won't show i'm still poor."

 The Cardigans, Sick and Tired.