Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm very scared... I really do...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm tired.

Its not that i don't want to care, but i'm tired.

I know its hard for the two of you.

I know its hard to forget someone.

But i'm tired of hearing the same old thing and see the same old thing repeating again. Its not that i'm cold or heartless to dismiss this. I have said all the things that i should say and i'm tired to repeat it again. How are you guys expect any change if your heart still etch to the persons?

Maybe i'm cold and heartless? But frankly, i'm just tired..

Somewhere in this second...

Somewhere in this second, someone's heart is broken.

Somewhere in this second, someone is dying.

Somewhere in this second, lovers are making love.

Somewhere in this second, someone is falling in love.

Somewhere in this second, someone is born into the world.

I wish that whenever i thought of those things, the whole event will just flash through my mind, but it is none of my business.

I went to Art Friend at Ngee Ann City to get some sketchbooks after my work. While in the mall, i saw a lady standing in front of Larry Jewellery; staring into the sparkling jewelleries in the window display. I don't know why i felt this, but it broke my heart. I have not seen anyone who has desired for something so endearingly and lovingly. It prompted to break a bank just to get her the sparkling best friend that she deserved.

I have been so caught up with my school works that i felt, i have neglected my families and friends. I don't mind the stress that i have now, because i love what i am doing. However, sometimes i just wish i could have a little more time for myself.

Anyway, i'm going back to Indonesia tomorrow to do my homeworks due to the constrained space i have in my rented room over here and it is too tiring to go over to my school to do it. Thus, i'm out of contact till Thursday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Unglam Huntresses

Its wednesday and weekend is arriving soon. Jeez, everything just passed by so quickly when you have alot of tasks at hand. Or maybe, i spent too much time impersonating the Glamazon Huntresses from Madtv, hahaha.

Here's the link if anyone wants to watch it:

Seriously, they are stucked on my mind and my friends' as well. I wonder how long will it last until it starts to wear out.

Anyway, i went for excursion with my classmates for Biennale at Supreme Court. It was my first time and i was really really impressed by it! After that, i visited poor lonely Daion at Stamford house, listening to Katy Perry and Britney SPears for the wholeday because there is no wireless, haha.

So i got home early today (which is rare) and just really want to take my time in doing things. Matt messaged me over the msn, asking for the fruit images for 2D, and guess what? I saw a cokroach running around my desk!

I couldn't even shout,"atTACK now!" I just flee straight away to find my maid for help. But she's like so freaking slow, by the time she reached the cokroach already ran away. So i'm hoping he would not pay me a visit when i'm sleeping, or else i'm going to beat him so badly, then fossilized it and place it inside my 2D cum 3D sketchbook, so as to give that extra happening when the lecturers review my work.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I felt so freaking wasted for the last weekend. Spent too much money!

My brain is so drained right now, like in a complete shocked. Arrgghh!

And you! I just got reminded of you when talking to Daion a few hours ago. You are just so good at being an egomaniac and selfish person. Wow, so do you think by just telling me "That's just how i am, you have to get used to it" and it clears you of your crimes?. Oh really? I've never got so angry ever since my brother threw a cup at me and caused my front tooth to chip. I said the same thing like you did way back before; you were like so upset about it because you thought that i do not care.

To think that i even improved myself for you! Resulting me in being a different person, you made me felt ashamed for being myself back then, because you said i'm cold and didn't seem to care ( Everyone who think i'm cold and heartless should just go suck a rotten egg). Now, the table has turned and you thought it was perfectly fine because you felt you are just being yourself. Sell your pride to someone else, i'm not interested with it.

Now, it has become a small crime to be thinking of you.

Got home not too long ago and i have to rushed for research for my homework.

Oh yea and i have to send the '4 colour schemes of artist's works' to Xavier tomorrow. Matt said she looked a little like Macdonald, like really?

Alright then, i got to sleep now and dream lots of bizarre dreams.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Judges

We all love to judge. Judge other people, yes we do. Somehow, it makes us feel good, superior to others. Little did we know that it always carry impacts to the victims.

The one who handles criticism well will brush it off with no bruised ego, some were left depressed while others seek the 'immediate escapde' like committing suicide. Such was the case for some of the Korean stars who can't handle the criticism by those online haters.

Here's the link to the news:,0,103737.story?track=rss

Our tongues are the sword, it does cut. While i condemn the practice of committing suicide, i know its hard for the victims when they are being pressed like that. So here's something i want to say, everyone got to stop the judging and hating, start loving. All of us claimed that we wanted peace but most of us do not realised that love comes before peace.

If i have said anything that are hurting or bring anybody down, i apologise over here. I just want to end the hate right here. So next time when you are about to post some comment on Youtube about how horrible his/her singing is, please think twice.