Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Judges

We all love to judge. Judge other people, yes we do. Somehow, it makes us feel good, superior to others. Little did we know that it always carry impacts to the victims.

The one who handles criticism well will brush it off with no bruised ego, some were left depressed while others seek the 'immediate escapde' like committing suicide. Such was the case for some of the Korean stars who can't handle the criticism by those online haters.

Here's the link to the news:,0,103737.story?track=rss

Our tongues are the sword, it does cut. While i condemn the practice of committing suicide, i know its hard for the victims when they are being pressed like that. So here's something i want to say, everyone got to stop the judging and hating, start loving. All of us claimed that we wanted peace but most of us do not realised that love comes before peace.

If i have said anything that are hurting or bring anybody down, i apologise over here. I just want to end the hate right here. So next time when you are about to post some comment on Youtube about how horrible his/her singing is, please think twice.

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