Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Unglam Huntresses

Its wednesday and weekend is arriving soon. Jeez, everything just passed by so quickly when you have alot of tasks at hand. Or maybe, i spent too much time impersonating the Glamazon Huntresses from Madtv, hahaha.

Here's the link if anyone wants to watch it:

Seriously, they are stucked on my mind and my friends' as well. I wonder how long will it last until it starts to wear out.

Anyway, i went for excursion with my classmates for Biennale at Supreme Court. It was my first time and i was really really impressed by it! After that, i visited poor lonely Daion at Stamford house, listening to Katy Perry and Britney SPears for the wholeday because there is no wireless, haha.

So i got home early today (which is rare) and just really want to take my time in doing things. Matt messaged me over the msn, asking for the fruit images for 2D, and guess what? I saw a cokroach running around my desk!

I couldn't even shout,"atTACK now!" I just flee straight away to find my maid for help. But she's like so freaking slow, by the time she reached the cokroach already ran away. So i'm hoping he would not pay me a visit when i'm sleeping, or else i'm going to beat him so badly, then fossilized it and place it inside my 2D cum 3D sketchbook, so as to give that extra happening when the lecturers review my work.

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