Monday, March 30, 2009

Young Love

I wasn't particularly doing anything just now. However, something caught my eyes as i scrolled down my instant messenger's contacts. I was surprised to see some of my friends putting up the pictures of their the other half on their display picture.

Certainly, time has passed. 

And love is not a subject where me and my friends would blush or hush at anymore. In fact, we're so open about it that it covered both love and lust.

I used to think that love is just like a game. It depends on how well you play in it. If you lose, get out of the ring and cry or suck on a lollipop or whatever. Definitely not a playground for the fainthearted. You gotta be tough and resilient to be able to maintain and play the game well, if you want to taste the sweet victory.

However, i guess i have a harsh take on love a few years back.

Because, i realised that just like in a game, how well it is carried out isn't solely depends on you alone. It also depends on the one you play with which in this case will be your Tom, Dick or Harry. You need an honest and reliable partner to play with. Someone who won't cheat and able to keep you interested for a heck of a long time in the game.

Of course, i'm not encouraging all of you to go out and play around. Ugh. Well, i hope everyone will be able to find that right person to be with. 

Yet, who am i to philosophise such stuff?

After all, love is too profound even for me.

By Hedi Slimane

"Tonight maybe we're gonna run.
 Dreaming of the Osaka sun.
 Oh~ Oh~
 Dreaming of when the morning comes."

 Coldplay, Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh My Lima

I have not been a huge fan of Adriana Lima. Honestly speaking, she's totally over-rated. Just because she walks for Victoria Secret and everyone thinks she's one of the best models in the world?

However, i must say that her recent editorial shoot for El Pais was pretty decent. Attention grabbing actually. Did anyone notice that her hands look bigger than her 'berries' or is it just me?

Seriously, jokes aside, here is Ms. Lima at her best yet.

Well, whether you like it or not, Adriana is definitely here to stay (or at least for awhile). I hope she'll do more of high end editorial shoots in times to come.

"Out on the street,
 inside a rubbish bin,
 or a garbage can,
 depends on where you live."

 CSS, I Fly.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Deja Vu

Time seems to pass slower especially at night. Maybe i'm slowly turning into an insomniac.

I've been able to dream well in my sleep again. Yet, its those dreams that didn't leave any trace in your mind.

I'm tired of finding those memories back. I'm just waiting for the Deja Vu to hit me when the time comes.

I can't for school semester to end. In fact, i'm rushing it. Desperately running forward yet my efforts were fruitless, leaving me more frustrated than ever.

Ppffff, where have my interesting life gone to? This time it has becoming more and more like a routine. A hollow shell with a timetable to follow.

Another Deja Vu...

By Hedi Slimane

"And you rely on,
 what you get high on.
 And you last just as
 long as it serves you."

 The Cardigans, Explode.


I'm sure Pablo Contreras image for Givenchy campaign will etched into your mind for at least a while. 

Unconventional haircut and unconventional expression.

Fashion can truly rely on the shocking and outrageous.


Plus, it doesn't hurt to be unconventional in this conventional world, does it?

"I don't believe that beauty,
 will ever be replaced.
 I don't believe a masterpiece,
 could ever matched your face."

 Kylie Minogue, I Believe In You

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pre-Raphaelite Beauty

For those of you guys who have naturally curly hair, learn from Canadian top male model Simon Nessman on how to work that killer curls.

And it certainly doesn't hurt to have a rock hard body either. ;)

Taken from

"I'll be your respirator.
 I'll be your pressure suit.
 It's alright, it's alright.
 I will not let you go."

 Aqualung, Pressure Suit.

Monday, March 16, 2009

On My Way Home


"Wouldn't it be lovely to be home?
 Safe and sound.
 And no one left
 to bring us down."

 Lenka, Skipalong

The View From My Window

The leaves seem to be greener these days thanks to the rain.

I can even spot some flowers on the branch.

Yet, i prefer the trees at night, when the street lights gently shine upon the leaves with a hint of yellowish tint. 

It reminds me of autumn. That particular season, that particular romance which entices and flirts sensually in full power.

This week has been crazy. I mean, when is there a particular day when my day is not crashed with drama? I wish my life can be a lil' bit more normal like the rest. 

And i've realised something, which i'm not going to tell because it will prompt you guys to dial the ambulance to send me to the IMH. Which in addition will 'cause you guys to make up your mind on that after i tell you the whole story.

So, bottom line is, when in doubt, do it the Bella's ways or at least trust my very own instinct.

"I need your love,
 Like night
 needs morning."

 Kylie Minogue, Come Into My World

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm falling sick.

Last night, i was struck with runny nose and now i could feel the heat surging in my body, especially in my head.

How nice~ Considering this is the most important period for me since i have projects (and uncompleted ones) need to be handed in.

Please, let me go through this and you, flu can strike me during holiday period. I need to move out of this pathetic joint and i mean the place that i'm staying in. I can't even speak on the phone without worrying that i might disturb the rest. 

How i wish for a warm cup of honey lemon tea accompanied by a warm embrace and a pair of arresting brown gaze.

A wishful kind of thinking.

By Hedi Slimane

"Oh yeah, your skin and bones.
 Turn into something beautiful.
 And you know for you,
 i'd bleed myself dry.
 For you, i'd bleed myself dry."

 Coldplay, Yellow

On The Way To School.

Color Blocks

"I will never be,
 i will never be tall, no.
 And i will never be,
 i will never be sure, of it all."

 Lenka, Anything I'm Not

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On My Way Home

Maid and The Boy

Sunny day's Umbrellas

"I'm glad you came around today.
 I sure need a good companion.
 I'm losing it but you're the same.
 Without you, i move at random."

 The Cardigans, Higher.

Bad Dream

Time seem to pass by so slowly.

I'm dreading each day, afraid that i have too much time to think. Brooding on stuffs that don't really matter to me at all.

I think the reality of the day has began to sieve into my dreams. It made me dreamt of stuffs that are so surreal yet so realistic.

I don't mind having dreams in my sleep. In fact, i love it... but these days my dreams demand a lot from me, from my mind, my emotions.

Like how i dreamt that my grandpa was struck with disease so horrible that made me can't even bear to raise my eyes to look at him. Daion told me i need to tell someone about mishaps that i dreamt in order to reverse the effects.

I guess i need to break free from all of these superstitions. I fear because i doubt and i doubt 'cause i don't believe in myself. 

Oh God~ Please protect all of my loved ones, i pray. Amen.

By Hedi Slimane

"I wake up, its a bad dream.
 No one on my side.
 I was fighting but i just feel too tired,
 to be fighting.
 Guess i'm not the fighting kind."

 Keane, Bad Dream.

The Birthday

Last Friday, i headed to East Coast Park for Donna's birthday chalet.

Thank God, it didn't rain. If not it will be cancelled and it can't happened that way 'cause i needed to eat.

Happy (Its belated now) Birthday Don! =)

Thank you Ms Chef, for cooking most of the time, haha but i do help with most of the stuffs too okay. =p

I just realised there's no Donna here... Wait, i think she was off to buy drink with Charmaine.

Ms Bimbo of the night, Miffra didn't know there is this funny 'thing' on her head.

Haha, but you look so ridiculously funny cute.

Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without me hogging one of the limelights ;)

"And if you think
 i looked mad today.
 You should have
 seen me yesterday."

 The Sounds, Hope You're Happy Now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Human are weird. Unfathomable. Unpredictable.

We're the same and yet the most pain inflicted are from human, ourselves. That particular kind of pain where its inflicted internally with no wounds to identify with at all. The most amazing thing is, it comes effortlessly from our tongues.

So sometimes its no wonder that we like each other so much better when we just shut our mouths up.

I really wish i could just shift the blame to everyone else, instead i try my best to recognise my part.

I guess i'm just too tired. This morning i dreamt that a certain spirit collided with me. Its like we're traveling towards each other so fast that we crashed eventually. When i opened my eyes, my vision was blur, i saw pixels. I was paralysed and all i could remember is that i mouthed the words 'I cast you out" before falling back to sleep again.

Yea, i'm really tired. Let me sleep for a while more.

To all the people i've hurt.

To all the people i've hurt..

By Hedi Slimane

"Hearts break, hearts mend.
 Love still hurts.
 Visions clash, planes crash.
 Still there's talk of."

Sarah MacLachlan, World On Fire

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mail Read


As long as there are
you and me,
Distance is just
a mere geography.

Hold that guilt.
For what happened
was uncalled for.
You needn't pay at all.

You're a binding spell
i cast upon myself
over and over,

You can't hurt me
with your good intentions.
Just one smile,
i'll give the most attentions.

Julius Kensan
( Sentimental Freak )

"Its not about geography
 or happenstance.
 You need to fly
 and take a chance."

 Rachael Yamagata, Sunday Afternoon

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Unconditionally and Irrevocably

  Absolutely Positive

Time is ticking.
My heart is beating.
The strike of the midnight
where you're whispering through.

A sexual being,
waiting to be tamed.
Miles away,
fighting the urge to tempt.

Your steely brown gaze
locking me to place.
The romantic kind,
unfailing smile.

Hope seems real.
 Months to be count.
I'm rushing forward
into the waiting arms.

Julius Kensan
( Sentimental Freak )

  Anyway, I'll blog less until April after my semester ended. So to all my faithful readers, you guys can check up my blog just once in a week =)

"I can hear your heartbeat,
 where i lay my head.
 'cause you got me.
 Yea, you got me."

 She and Him, Got Me