Saturday, March 7, 2009


Human are weird. Unfathomable. Unpredictable.

We're the same and yet the most pain inflicted are from human, ourselves. That particular kind of pain where its inflicted internally with no wounds to identify with at all. The most amazing thing is, it comes effortlessly from our tongues.

So sometimes its no wonder that we like each other so much better when we just shut our mouths up.

I really wish i could just shift the blame to everyone else, instead i try my best to recognise my part.

I guess i'm just too tired. This morning i dreamt that a certain spirit collided with me. Its like we're traveling towards each other so fast that we crashed eventually. When i opened my eyes, my vision was blur, i saw pixels. I was paralysed and all i could remember is that i mouthed the words 'I cast you out" before falling back to sleep again.

Yea, i'm really tired. Let me sleep for a while more.

To all the people i've hurt.

To all the people i've hurt..

By Hedi Slimane

"Hearts break, hearts mend.
 Love still hurts.
 Visions clash, planes crash.
 Still there's talk of."

Sarah MacLachlan, World On Fire

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