Monday, March 16, 2009

The View From My Window

The leaves seem to be greener these days thanks to the rain.

I can even spot some flowers on the branch.

Yet, i prefer the trees at night, when the street lights gently shine upon the leaves with a hint of yellowish tint. 

It reminds me of autumn. That particular season, that particular romance which entices and flirts sensually in full power.

This week has been crazy. I mean, when is there a particular day when my day is not crashed with drama? I wish my life can be a lil' bit more normal like the rest. 

And i've realised something, which i'm not going to tell because it will prompt you guys to dial the ambulance to send me to the IMH. Which in addition will 'cause you guys to make up your mind on that after i tell you the whole story.

So, bottom line is, when in doubt, do it the Bella's ways or at least trust my very own instinct.

"I need your love,
 Like night
 needs morning."

 Kylie Minogue, Come Into My World

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