Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm falling sick.

Last night, i was struck with runny nose and now i could feel the heat surging in my body, especially in my head.

How nice~ Considering this is the most important period for me since i have projects (and uncompleted ones) need to be handed in.

Please, let me go through this and you, flu can strike me during holiday period. I need to move out of this pathetic joint and i mean the place that i'm staying in. I can't even speak on the phone without worrying that i might disturb the rest. 

How i wish for a warm cup of honey lemon tea accompanied by a warm embrace and a pair of arresting brown gaze.

A wishful kind of thinking.

By Hedi Slimane

"Oh yeah, your skin and bones.
 Turn into something beautiful.
 And you know for you,
 i'd bleed myself dry.
 For you, i'd bleed myself dry."

 Coldplay, Yellow

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