Friday, January 29, 2010

January Obsession (Overload)

Charlotte Gainsbourg | IRM

Ph: JM Ferrater
Yes Alex, keep it coming!

Ph: Ben Toms
A little reminiscence of Ash..

Ph: Eric Sposito
River Viiperi

Lanvin Fall Winter 2010 Menswear Collection

Asymmetrical Cape.

Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2010 Menswear Collection.
(Where Alex Dunstan opened and closed the show!)

Rick Owens Fall Winter 2010 Menswear Collection

Raf Simons Fall Winter 2010 Menswear Collection.
(My God, it's flawless. And stripes, don't forget the stripes!)

YSL Fall Winter 2010 Menswear Collection

Ursula Konina

Alexander Cunha

Chess, anyone?

FM Belfast | How To Make Friends

Laura Veirs | July Flame

Ph: Hedi Slimane
Keeping myself skinny and flexible. HA!
(And you can't stop me)

"No more looking back,
looking back,
looking back,
faded epitaph."

Laura Veirs, Wide-Eyed, Legless.

Juju misses EVERYONE too!

Nothing better warms your guts than knowing that all the people that you love and care about, feels that same for you as well.

A big love to everyone!! Knowing that you guys care keeps me (in)sane in this otherwise messed-up world.

"Sometimes i feel like throwing my hands up in the air.
I know i can count on you.
Sometimes i feel like saying, 'Lord, i just don't care.'
But you got the love, i need to see me through."

Florence + The Machine, You've Got The Love.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I Can Play And Play, So Go On.

Do something out of the ordinary and say something funny. I know it doesn't hurt anyone, so why not give it a try?

Ph: Sam Bassett

And of course, i had one of the best conversations ever with Sophie in the evening and i know there are more to come.

"We are running down the streets
in our underwear.
We are running down the hill
it's over there."

FM Belfast, Underwear.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stranger Than Kindness.

Fever Ray's 'Stranger Than Kindness' music video makes me wanna have nightmares to keep myself awake during the day.

"Night was so long,
the day even longer.
Lay down for awhile,

Fever Ray, Triangle Walks.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get Loose, Get Juiced, Get Pumped.

Sometimes i forgot how much fun DSQUARED2 is and how strong their collection can get where you have a theme with countless possibilities you can toy around with.

For Spring Summer 2010 campaign, the task was on Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott ; Starring the supermodel, Daria Werbowy, surrounded by a trio of blazing male models, there's little wonder that campfire is utterly unnecessary.

Ph: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

I bet Daria has officially earned the envy from girls and guys alike all over the world.

"Roll that back to my flat.
Trust is broken, hit that cat.
Sack that fat, make that mack.
Just relax, wanna take a bath?"

Peaches, I Feel Cream.

It'll Pop Like A Robot.

Hey everyone, i'm finally back again. It'll be another four more months before i can get my break again. But, i guess school will be more bearable because i have many great friends and one of my brothers, Julio is finally in Singapore to continue his study.

I'd love to think of myself a cool and liberal elder brother but to be honest, sometimes i can fall slightly towards the 'Republican's side' too.

Before we were about to set off for Singapore, Julio took out a T-shirt with slogan that reads "I'd rather snort cocaine off a hooker's ass" and asked me what i think about it. My mouth just hanged halfway, unsure of what i should say before settling with 'cool'.

Because, when i come to think about it, i think i'd have say it straight to somebody's face rather than wearing it. So, there's no need for double standard, isn't it?

It's 2010 and like it or not responsibilities will fall on my plate. I guess there's no need to be seeing red about it. One step at a time.


Ph: Marcus Pritzi

"Oh my God.
Oh, you think i'm in control.
Oh my God.
Oh, you think it's all for fun."

Ida Maria, Oh My God.