Sunday, January 17, 2010

It'll Pop Like A Robot.

Hey everyone, i'm finally back again. It'll be another four more months before i can get my break again. But, i guess school will be more bearable because i have many great friends and one of my brothers, Julio is finally in Singapore to continue his study.

I'd love to think of myself a cool and liberal elder brother but to be honest, sometimes i can fall slightly towards the 'Republican's side' too.

Before we were about to set off for Singapore, Julio took out a T-shirt with slogan that reads "I'd rather snort cocaine off a hooker's ass" and asked me what i think about it. My mouth just hanged halfway, unsure of what i should say before settling with 'cool'.

Because, when i come to think about it, i think i'd have say it straight to somebody's face rather than wearing it. So, there's no need for double standard, isn't it?

It's 2010 and like it or not responsibilities will fall on my plate. I guess there's no need to be seeing red about it. One step at a time.


Ph: Marcus Pritzi

"Oh my God.
Oh, you think i'm in control.
Oh my God.
Oh, you think it's all for fun."

Ida Maria, Oh My God.

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