Saturday, July 25, 2009


Its King Kong! Its Godzilla! No, Its.... just Racquel Zimmerman for the latest perfume campaign for Viktor & Rolf Eau Mega Fragrance!

This is definitely one of the best perfume campaigns so far for this year. I just love how the colours and the composition of the pictures all manage to compliment each other so well.

Ph: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

And what's not to love about top model Racquel Zimmerman when shot by Inez and Vinoodh, right?

"Excuse me,
but i just have to explode.
Explode this body
off me."

Bjork, Pluto.

This Could Mean Fun.

I'm going back to Singapore on this coming Monday. I thought three weeks was enough, oh well, what can i do about it anyway when time passes so fast?

I guess i'd better prepare myself for school and the endless projects accompanied by endless critics. Study, study, work and work until i forget the whole world is dying on us.

Honestly speaking, i wasn't really looking forward to my new classmates. Opsss, please pardon me for those who might be my new best friend(s)! Its really weird because i've seen most of them for the entire Foundation Year without knowing their name or talk to them and now i've to face the fact that one of the might be my new classmates. Talk about taking awkwardness to an entire new level.

BUT before that happened, i just want to catch up with my Foundation classmates. Like what do they think about the ban of high-tech swimsuits... NOT. And definitely, catching up with Steph and Daion. Last but not least, i really hope i have the time to visit my Poly friends as well.

Ph: Hedi Slimane

So that means i have a week of catching up before school starts. And come 3rd of August, BRING IT ON BITCHES!

"Hush now baby, don't you stress.
I'm gonna fill you mommy complex.
Hush now baby, don't you stress.
I'm gonna fill you mommy complex."

Peaches, Mommy Complex.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Skate On These.

Ever thought of having models' as pin up's for your skateboards? Now here's your chance to have one (or four). Isabelli Fontana, Lara Stone, Toni Garrn and Edita Vilkeviciute were the four models to watch over you while you skate.

Or you can hang them up on your living room walls to shock your relatives and conservative guests.

However, i wonder who will bear to skate on those collector piece boards?

For those of you who are contemplating of getting one, better act fast, because only a few are left. While the Isabelli ones are already sold out. Go to to know more.

Ph: Courtesy of

Fret not, because Erin Wasson's boards will be out in the mid-August. So for all the Erin's fans out there, get ready for it.

If you ask me, i'm coveting over Lara board (Second from left) because its so distinctive, bold and 'in your face'.

"Well its a shock, shock to your soft side.
Summer noon, can't shut your eye.
In your room, in my room.
In your room, in my room."

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Soft Shock.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not Your Typical Ahmad

Here's AJ Albualrub just as i promised, shot by Eric Sposito, depicting him on and off duty while in Paris, albeit being really late on this.

Aj whose given name is Ahmad Jalal (Yea, he's an Arab descendant) got the press attention when he revealed that he lost some weight to model by seeing a nutritionist and eats twice a day.

What's wrong with eating only twice a day? For God's sake, he's a busy man for being a top model. Even me and my friends eat like only twice a day too, thanks to the suffocating and endless projects every week. Worse, i know some of them eat instant noodles to stave off the hunger. Now, who's the unhealthy one here?

Still, he looked perfectly healthy, at least, to me.

Alright, i'm too lazy to write down anything else so just stare and you're allowed to drool a little.

Ph: Eric Sposito for

And i guess its time to have some of the female models on my blog already.

"I was expecting something pure
with golden hair.
Armful of bracelets and
smoke in the air."

Royksopp, This Must Be It.

'Cause You're Under The Weather

I just had my birthday like a week ago and now i'm officially 20 years old.

Gone are the days where my age would end with a -teen at the back whenever someone asks me of it. Right now, it feels like counting my age from one to ten then start all over again from one to ten, again and again until my crow's feet appears and my butt dropped an inch every morning when i woke up.

But i digress. The truth is, i haven't really felt like i'm 20 years old yet. Maybe, i still need some time before it totally sinks in. Honestly speaking, i don't think i've had anything much that worth remembering or recounting except for a few.

Still i'm glad that i didn't have a life like those teenagers in the teen drama (Skins, The O.C, Gossip Girls, etc) because they were meant to be watched and not followed. Well, unless you are really that messed up, if not don't even bother destroying your 'perfectly fine' life.

What is it about those teen drama that the characters have to 'find themselves', for my lack of better words, through endless promiscuity and partying nights? Thats so yesterday, its time for the writers to come up with something new, witty and straight to the point.

If you guys think that those shows are so damn good then may i suggest or interest you in other sitcoms albeit old classic, like Maude, I Love Lucy or Golden Girls? Because the writing are superb and straight to the point without being vulgar or offensive.

Sorry, i guess i got too carried away. Maybe the '20' is starting to kick in.

"I was never no, never no,
never enough.
But i can try, i can try,
to toughen up."

She & Him, Change Is Hard.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Memory Comes When Memory's Old

There will be like one more week before i'll be going back to Singapore.

The thoughts of returning to Singapore filled me with dread. Of course, its not because of the people (I have lots of great and wonderful friends there) but its the stress and fast paced life of a developed country.

Sometimes, i forgot how blessed and fortunate i am, up until i got back to my hometown because over at Singapore there are like internet everywhere and endless supply of clean water and electricity in Singapore.

Over at my house, we have two wells. So we don't have to pay water bills, just the electricity. Everyday, the water will be pumped and filtered by this big white box and right into our house which will be used to drink, bath and clean our butts after answering nature's call. However, the downturn is that the well dries up whenever there's no rain.

One morning, i went to the kitchen and my grandpa told me that we were running out of water because there hasn't been any rain lately. The water is only enough to last us for few days. I'm like panicked.

I told my mum and she said that we could just buy those 1.5 L mineral water to drink. Its still not that bad isn't it? To think that kids at other poor developing countries and even in my country itself do not have sufficient supply of clean water and its not like they can afford buying clean water to drink everyday.

Kids over at Singapore these days have such a sheltered life. They have maids or parents to pick up after whatever mess they've done and complain over every single things.

Maybe leading a frugal life wasn't that bad after all.

I still remember when i was young, me and this childhood friend of mine will like have to protect ourselves against 'barbaric bullies' by studying real hard so they'll come over to us for help about homework (sort of like those protection fees) and getting chased by dogs while playing tag.

Come to think of it, i have more life when i was young!

Even my dog too. He suffered from stroke last month and got better by itself with no apparent reason. He can even run towards me now when i offer those leftover chicken bones from dinner that i had.

Ph: Hedi Slimane

"A lot of hope in one man tent.
There's no room for innocence.
So take me home before the storm.
Velvet mites will keep us warm."

Fever Ray, Keep The Streets Empty For Me.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Say Hi To My Lasalle-ian Chimps

Oh my Lord! I was so surprised to see this picture over at Matt's blog. It makes me so happy all of the sudden.

You guys are my Lasalle-ians darlings, haha, and of course others that are not in this picture too =)

Clockwise from extreme left: Glenn, Me, Genie, Fra, Matt and Ang

Time passes so fast and there are so many memories to hold on to. Thanks for being a part in my journey, guys =)

"When i'm out, when i'm out,
when i'm out, when i'm out of love.
Chico friend, chico friend,
chico friend will be around."

The Concretes, Chico.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What's up, Beech?

Finally! Some coverage of one of the top models at the moment, Josh Beech. This 23 years old lad is keeping himself busy with his band apart from modeling, not to mention up to seven campaigns coming up this season.

What can i say? We just love guys who are hardworking and meek at the same time.

FYI, thats a real mustache tattoo.

Messing around with Dennis Johnson

Eric Sposito for

Gosh, i just love how things are going on when they're off duty, which reminds me to post some of Aj Abualrub's pictures next.

"How are you not going
to show your scar?
How are you not going
to get high, high?"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dragon Queen.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Groove On

Check out the July cover of V magazine featuring Cameron Diaz.

Ph: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Cameron is a gorgeous, gorgeous actress who has endless spunk in her so there's no need to turn her into a Gwen Stefani look-alike, isn't it? I'm sure, just like me, you guys thought it was Gwen Stefani at the first glance.

Oh well, thats really just a small grouse from me because all is forgiven with that thigh high fisherman boots by Prada. Its 'Oh so obsess-able'.

And by the way, i take it back when i said that i won't be posting anything up since the connection over at Indonesia works just fine.

"So many choices in the world.
So many boys, so many girls.
It ain't easy.
It's harder than it looks."

Tiga, Turn The Night On.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Its In The Hair.

While i usually don't give a hoot about what Mulberry is doing season after season, their recent campaign ads for F/W 09 starring Karlie Kloss and Irina Kulikova by Steven Meisel was so 'hair-rousingly' good that it'll be a shame to not share it to you guys.

Fashion has been hitting rock-bottom recently and more and more labels were churning out prove and tested ads for their campaign (just look at Michael Kors). But, where's the innovation? Or most importantly, where's the fun?

Ph: Steven Meisel

I understand why some designers have decided to speak to their consumers amidst the current economy crisis but that doesn't mean by coming up with mediocre work. To me, that just mean their consumers are as boring and mediocre as their works, no?

At least, thank God for photographers with real vision like Steven Meisel.

Quote For Thought:

"I think the problem is that fashion has become too fashionable. For years, fashion wasn't fashionable. Today, fashion is so fashionable that it's almost embarrassing to say you're part of fashion... because everybody thinks fashion is attainable."
Louise Wilson, Central Saint Martins' Course Director.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

You Should Be Holding Me.

Road To December

I live in a town
somewhere in the east.
Only roam when there
is mist.
Found a coin
down the empty street.
Tossed it out for a wish.
That i'll hum myself to sleep
'til it no longer bleeds.

Somewhere in the south,
i'm gasping for your mouth.
Enticing me with your divine tattoo.
Just love it when you coo.
Hope you kept it in your mind
that i'm one of a kind.

The way our love travels.
Swallowed by the calm sea.
So much more to unravel.
I pray for our eyes to see.
As dangerous as it can be.
Hope should never leave.

Julius Kensan
( Sentimental Freak )

I'm going back to Indo today for three weeks, so i don't think i'll be uploading any posts 'til then. Take care everyone =)

P.S Ang, Matt sorry for not being able to join you guys, i'll make it up to you one day yea? And i think you're pushing your mum's limit with that tattoo, Fra, haha.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

For the boys.

Mens Fashion Week is already out in full force in Paris. While i still wonder when i can get the chance to watch those shows, i'm just really glad for having internet to catch up with what's going on.

I really love Eric Sposito's coverage of whats going on in the backstage. So candid, so direct. I'll post them up soon.. I hope.

Those male models should be just describe as 'creatures' because what is a Mens Fashion Week without all those gorgeous towering love-able giants?

And of course, the campaigns for F/W 09 are starting to pour in like a heavy downpour.


As always, Simon Nessman can do no wrong even with just an underwear on for John Galliano Underwear F/W 09.

"You're a vain
and shameless man.
But hell,
i love your voice."

The Cardigans, For The Boys.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shoulder Pow!

While i don't find Dolce & Gabbana F/W 09 collection that impressive, its like Count Dracula's wives were rope into the designing team, i do find the campaign ads were drama aplenty. (Then again, its Dolce & Gabbana right?)

Mariacarla Boscono, Edita Vilkeviciute and Heidi Mount demonstrate that in order to work those frightening 'troll-like-shoulders', all you need is just a strong dose of confidence.

Heidi Mount = Pink Gorilla?

This is my favourite of all with Maria in it no less. She does resembles Frida Kahlo, doesn't it? All she needs is just a little hint of mustache.

Ph: Steven Klein

There are a handful of impressive campaign ads too, i'll upload them when i'm free.

"Oh~ Its as old school as me.
I'm going to send you back to school.
What playing this in my dress."

Peaches, Mommy Complex.