Saturday, July 18, 2009

Memory Comes When Memory's Old

There will be like one more week before i'll be going back to Singapore.

The thoughts of returning to Singapore filled me with dread. Of course, its not because of the people (I have lots of great and wonderful friends there) but its the stress and fast paced life of a developed country.

Sometimes, i forgot how blessed and fortunate i am, up until i got back to my hometown because over at Singapore there are like internet everywhere and endless supply of clean water and electricity in Singapore.

Over at my house, we have two wells. So we don't have to pay water bills, just the electricity. Everyday, the water will be pumped and filtered by this big white box and right into our house which will be used to drink, bath and clean our butts after answering nature's call. However, the downturn is that the well dries up whenever there's no rain.

One morning, i went to the kitchen and my grandpa told me that we were running out of water because there hasn't been any rain lately. The water is only enough to last us for few days. I'm like panicked.

I told my mum and she said that we could just buy those 1.5 L mineral water to drink. Its still not that bad isn't it? To think that kids at other poor developing countries and even in my country itself do not have sufficient supply of clean water and its not like they can afford buying clean water to drink everyday.

Kids over at Singapore these days have such a sheltered life. They have maids or parents to pick up after whatever mess they've done and complain over every single things.

Maybe leading a frugal life wasn't that bad after all.

I still remember when i was young, me and this childhood friend of mine will like have to protect ourselves against 'barbaric bullies' by studying real hard so they'll come over to us for help about homework (sort of like those protection fees) and getting chased by dogs while playing tag.

Come to think of it, i have more life when i was young!

Even my dog too. He suffered from stroke last month and got better by itself with no apparent reason. He can even run towards me now when i offer those leftover chicken bones from dinner that i had.

Ph: Hedi Slimane

"A lot of hope in one man tent.
There's no room for innocence.
So take me home before the storm.
Velvet mites will keep us warm."

Fever Ray, Keep The Streets Empty For Me.


sophiewoohoo said...

YEAH I MISS MY CHILDHOOD TOO. ironically, when i was young i had NO maids or people to care/pick up after me. i was pretty much left on my own, to run in void decks and all that. AH the simple pleasures of getting away with doing stupid things HAHAHA.

Juju said...

Haha, yea, our badge is truly so much better than the current generation.