Saturday, July 25, 2009

This Could Mean Fun.

I'm going back to Singapore on this coming Monday. I thought three weeks was enough, oh well, what can i do about it anyway when time passes so fast?

I guess i'd better prepare myself for school and the endless projects accompanied by endless critics. Study, study, work and work until i forget the whole world is dying on us.

Honestly speaking, i wasn't really looking forward to my new classmates. Opsss, please pardon me for those who might be my new best friend(s)! Its really weird because i've seen most of them for the entire Foundation Year without knowing their name or talk to them and now i've to face the fact that one of the might be my new classmates. Talk about taking awkwardness to an entire new level.

BUT before that happened, i just want to catch up with my Foundation classmates. Like what do they think about the ban of high-tech swimsuits... NOT. And definitely, catching up with Steph and Daion. Last but not least, i really hope i have the time to visit my Poly friends as well.

Ph: Hedi Slimane

So that means i have a week of catching up before school starts. And come 3rd of August, BRING IT ON BITCHES!

"Hush now baby, don't you stress.
I'm gonna fill you mommy complex.
Hush now baby, don't you stress.
I'm gonna fill you mommy complex."

Peaches, Mommy Complex.

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