Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not Your Typical Ahmad

Here's AJ Albualrub just as i promised, shot by Eric Sposito, depicting him on and off duty while in Paris, albeit being really late on this.

Aj whose given name is Ahmad Jalal (Yea, he's an Arab descendant) got the press attention when he revealed that he lost some weight to model by seeing a nutritionist and eats twice a day.

What's wrong with eating only twice a day? For God's sake, he's a busy man for being a top model. Even me and my friends eat like only twice a day too, thanks to the suffocating and endless projects every week. Worse, i know some of them eat instant noodles to stave off the hunger. Now, who's the unhealthy one here?

Still, he looked perfectly healthy, at least, to me.

Alright, i'm too lazy to write down anything else so just stare and you're allowed to drool a little.

Ph: Eric Sposito for Models.com

And i guess its time to have some of the female models on my blog already.

"I was expecting something pure
with golden hair.
Armful of bracelets and
smoke in the air."

Royksopp, This Must Be It.


sophiewoohoo said...

I wish i could look like that eating two meals. i eat one meal a day sometimes when i spend the night awake and i still look like this pfft. HAHAH.

Juju said...

Some people just have it in them. i wonder what are those models' genes made of.