Tuesday, July 21, 2009

'Cause You're Under The Weather

I just had my birthday like a week ago and now i'm officially 20 years old.

Gone are the days where my age would end with a -teen at the back whenever someone asks me of it. Right now, it feels like counting my age from one to ten then start all over again from one to ten, again and again until my crow's feet appears and my butt dropped an inch every morning when i woke up.

But i digress. The truth is, i haven't really felt like i'm 20 years old yet. Maybe, i still need some time before it totally sinks in. Honestly speaking, i don't think i've had anything much that worth remembering or recounting except for a few.

Still i'm glad that i didn't have a life like those teenagers in the teen drama (Skins, The O.C, Gossip Girls, etc) because they were meant to be watched and not followed. Well, unless you are really that messed up, if not don't even bother destroying your 'perfectly fine' life.

What is it about those teen drama that the characters have to 'find themselves', for my lack of better words, through endless promiscuity and partying nights? Thats so yesterday, its time for the writers to come up with something new, witty and straight to the point.

If you guys think that those shows are so damn good then may i suggest or interest you in other sitcoms albeit old classic, like Maude, I Love Lucy or Golden Girls? Because the writing are superb and straight to the point without being vulgar or offensive.

Sorry, i guess i got too carried away. Maybe the '20' is starting to kick in.

"I was never no, never no,
never enough.
But i can try, i can try,
to toughen up."

She & Him, Change Is Hard.

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