Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Deja Vu

Time seems to pass slower especially at night. Maybe i'm slowly turning into an insomniac.

I've been able to dream well in my sleep again. Yet, its those dreams that didn't leave any trace in your mind.

I'm tired of finding those memories back. I'm just waiting for the Deja Vu to hit me when the time comes.

I can't for school semester to end. In fact, i'm rushing it. Desperately running forward yet my efforts were fruitless, leaving me more frustrated than ever.

Ppffff, where have my interesting life gone to? This time it has becoming more and more like a routine. A hollow shell with a timetable to follow.

Another Deja Vu...

By Hedi Slimane

"And you rely on,
 what you get high on.
 And you last just as
 long as it serves you."

 The Cardigans, Explode.

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