Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bad Dream

Time seem to pass by so slowly.

I'm dreading each day, afraid that i have too much time to think. Brooding on stuffs that don't really matter to me at all.

I think the reality of the day has began to sieve into my dreams. It made me dreamt of stuffs that are so surreal yet so realistic.

I don't mind having dreams in my sleep. In fact, i love it... but these days my dreams demand a lot from me, from my mind, my emotions.

Like how i dreamt that my grandpa was struck with disease so horrible that made me can't even bear to raise my eyes to look at him. Daion told me i need to tell someone about mishaps that i dreamt in order to reverse the effects.

I guess i need to break free from all of these superstitions. I fear because i doubt and i doubt 'cause i don't believe in myself. 

Oh God~ Please protect all of my loved ones, i pray. Amen.

By Hedi Slimane

"I wake up, its a bad dream.
 No one on my side.
 I was fighting but i just feel too tired,
 to be fighting.
 Guess i'm not the fighting kind."

 Keane, Bad Dream.

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