Monday, October 20, 2008


I felt so freaking wasted for the last weekend. Spent too much money!

My brain is so drained right now, like in a complete shocked. Arrgghh!

And you! I just got reminded of you when talking to Daion a few hours ago. You are just so good at being an egomaniac and selfish person. Wow, so do you think by just telling me "That's just how i am, you have to get used to it" and it clears you of your crimes?. Oh really? I've never got so angry ever since my brother threw a cup at me and caused my front tooth to chip. I said the same thing like you did way back before; you were like so upset about it because you thought that i do not care.

To think that i even improved myself for you! Resulting me in being a different person, you made me felt ashamed for being myself back then, because you said i'm cold and didn't seem to care ( Everyone who think i'm cold and heartless should just go suck a rotten egg). Now, the table has turned and you thought it was perfectly fine because you felt you are just being yourself. Sell your pride to someone else, i'm not interested with it.

Now, it has become a small crime to be thinking of you.

Got home not too long ago and i have to rushed for research for my homework.

Oh yea and i have to send the '4 colour schemes of artist's works' to Xavier tomorrow. Matt said she looked a little like Macdonald, like really?

Alright then, i got to sleep now and dream lots of bizarre dreams.

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