Sunday, October 26, 2008

Somewhere in this second...

Somewhere in this second, someone's heart is broken.

Somewhere in this second, someone is dying.

Somewhere in this second, lovers are making love.

Somewhere in this second, someone is falling in love.

Somewhere in this second, someone is born into the world.

I wish that whenever i thought of those things, the whole event will just flash through my mind, but it is none of my business.

I went to Art Friend at Ngee Ann City to get some sketchbooks after my work. While in the mall, i saw a lady standing in front of Larry Jewellery; staring into the sparkling jewelleries in the window display. I don't know why i felt this, but it broke my heart. I have not seen anyone who has desired for something so endearingly and lovingly. It prompted to break a bank just to get her the sparkling best friend that she deserved.

I have been so caught up with my school works that i felt, i have neglected my families and friends. I don't mind the stress that i have now, because i love what i am doing. However, sometimes i just wish i could have a little more time for myself.

Anyway, i'm going back to Indonesia tomorrow to do my homeworks due to the constrained space i have in my rented room over here and it is too tiring to go over to my school to do it. Thus, i'm out of contact till Thursday.

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