Thursday, January 8, 2009

Human Behaviour

Fiery Chariot

Oh fiery chariot,
swing by the earth.
Hanging by so low,
all of us waiting to get home.

Oh fiery chariot,
rush down with the wind.
There's enough room,
for all of us to get in.

Oh fiery chariot,
please tell your master.
All of us
want to go home.

Julius Kensan
( Sentimental Freak )

Anyway, i can't wait for Chinese New Year, to go back and see my family again. 

School has started on monday and things have been going the way it should be. However, this semester starts with lots of dramatic events. I know right? I love this kind of dirt. I got so excited that i can barely blink.

I just want to let things go the way it should be and watch it from afar. As in, i'm not saying that i'm so mean to see horrible stuffs happened but i just love to observe the reactions and the behaviour of my classmates. 

Human emotions intrigue to no end.
I want to study it. 

I want to understand how our brain behaves.

Maybe someday i know how my mind works as well.

"The pleasure is all mine.
 To get to be the generous one,
 is the strongest stance.
 The pleasure is all mine."

 Bjork, The Pleasure Is All Mine

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