Tuesday, January 27, 2009


How's Chinese New Year everyone? I'm visiting my Aunty in Jakarta. It's been so long since i'm here and i must say i really feel at home ( Jeez, its Indonesia anyway )

School is starting next monday and i've not done anything much. *crossing fingers*

Anyway, here are some fun shots that i had when i'm in school.

Watch out, Madonna!

Look Ma, its your prom night gown!

Wactha looking at, Punks?

Harry potter and the Cabaret Trio.
Coming Soon.

There you go, there are more but you can visit Glenn, Miffra or Angela's blogs. I'm too lazy to upload them. They are in the link =) Art school is fun but stressful. Can't tell isn't it? 

"Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
 That's what i say.
 Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
 It's not okay."

 The Sounds, Running Out Of Turbo

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