Monday, January 19, 2009

Blog, Blog, Blog.

  You know, i can't believe that my previous post was on 8th of Jan and its 19th Jan now. Oh well, i'm was so caught up with my school works and still am. However, i guess its only right for me to blog about what happened for the past week.

  My 2D Mural project was already over but the process was like... Can i just say? It's freaking exhausting. Me and my group members even stayed back in school until 11 p.m on last Thursday. So there's no wonder that i snapped as easy as a thin twig.

  Though, i must say the process was pretty fun. Really. I met Zhen Mei Li, the Chairman of New Sarong Party Girl Singapore ( in short NSPGS)

"Hi ya'll, I'm Zhen Mei Li. I want to know you if you're Angmoh"

"I wonder where all the Angmohs have gone to?"

"Gosh, Edward Slater at 3 o'clock! AtttACK with killer face NOW"

"By the way, this is the Vice Chairman, Da Tou Fa"

  Well, there you have it. Erm, i never get to meet her after that... Thank goodness. By the way, the comment post by jujunumberonefan on my previous post really made me smile. Don't worry, i'll still blog.

"Whiskey please.
 I need some whiskey please.
 So bring me consciousness
 and kill my innocence."

 Ida Maria, Queen of The World.


huiyi (: said...

hello julius!!! haha nice photos! lol

Juju said...

haha Thanks for dropping by =)