Thursday, January 1, 2009

Spot My Bother

I'm still too lazy to do research for my school projects before it started. 

Maybe i should call my lecturers up.

"Hi, i've not done a single thing you asked me to. Happy New Year. See you in school. Bye"

I still remember how i ranted about wanting the 2nd Semester to start immediately. Now, i'm taking back my word. ( Note to my this year's resolution: Think before you speak, fool! )

I've enjoyed too much of spooking those alley cats around my house whenever they didn't notice during the holiday.

Nope, actually i didn't do that. ( Another note to the resolution: Stop cheating your readers! )

I just enjoy doing nothing but i must stress that its damaging because i'll become useless if i really do nothing. Rather than really doing nothing, i borrowed a book from Bobo.

Its called A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. The last book that i've read from his works was The Curious Incident of A Dog in a Night time. So i guess this will be just as good as its predecessor.

Oh~ before i forget. Happy New Year!

"Sick and tired and homeless,
 with no one else to shine for.
 Sick of all my distress,
 but i won't show i'm still poor."

 The Cardigans, Sick and Tired.

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