Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Venus As A Boy

As a Fashion student, it can be really depressing when all you see everyday is dozens of gorgeous models parading in the latest coveted runway pieces in magazine. It's easy to get self-conscious and insecure. Thank God for my loving families and friends, whom gave me the strength to love myself and accept me for who I am.

If not, i don't think I'll survive looking myself in the mirror everyday. (Still, I'm not that hideous, mind you)

BUT, If one day, I were to get scarred badly and given the choice for plastic surgery, I'd love to have a face like Brett Ofield! Look at those angelic eyes and plush lips! Even God, who created him on Saturday would have taken a day off on Sunday just to admire him.

Source: models.com

If given a choice, who would you want to look like? 

"There's a was or
 something new.
 Throw my body to the stars.
 Where the angels look."

 iamamiwhoami, t.

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