Friday, February 5, 2010

Wake Up Call, Diet Food and Laxative all rolled into One.

Anyone of you, like me, has problem getting up in the morning? Like you woke up and refused to get up from your cozy bed while sniffing the faint smell of shampoo on the pillow... Okay, that was me like a year ago.

Ever since i decided to stock Yogurt regularly in my fridge all things changed!

I will have a few spoons of Yogurt the night before if i have to get up early the next day, because in the morning, my stomach will hurt so bad that i won't even have the chance to snooze or smell my pillow.

I'll just have to rush to the toilet and lift the toilet cover and 'do my business'.

I first started taking Yogurt because i was feeling a little guilty of eating so much 'sinful' food and thought i needed something healthy to counter it. Turns out, i got so much more than i bargain for.

Get the large tub of Yogurt instead of the small cups one because its so much more cheaper. I usually go for the Strawberry flavor, others just taste weird.

Just don't gulf it all in one night. I know it taste good and all, but just don't.

Unless you want to skip the waking up part and 'do your business' on bed.

"What's easy in the night,
is always such a bite
in the morning light.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha."

Ida Maria, Morning Light.

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