Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not So Dire After All.

Recession seems to be on everyone's mouths lately. Those who are adopting anti-fashion mindset will be delighted since they are not bound by the season after season of trends while who are belong at the other spectrum would be (or already) horrified.

Gone are the days where the rich were able to buy everything in excess. Now, they are scrambling to even keep their status intact. So does this state of the fashion should be marked as one of the important milestone in the fashion history along with the shrinking menswear silhouette in this decade?

Well yes, albeit its not a situation that fashion hasn't seen before. Nevertheless, i do love it when the times are tough. People tend to be (i guess, they have to be) more creative in order to keep themselves relevant through the tough times.

Thus, the latest W spread featuring Sasha Pivovarova, shot by Craig McDean woke me up faster than i say 'Coffee'. Of course, not to mention Alex White's clever and creative styling which reminds me again that you don't have to spend big bucks to look good. One could start with their old unwanted secondhand clothes or go creative straight away with their paper bag.

Ph: Craig McDean

Doesn't the Prada 'skirt' just looked so adorable? If i were to be homeless one day, i'd want to be at least the best dressed of them all.

"I'll forgive and forget
before i'm paralysed.
Do i have to keep up the pace
to keep you satisfy?"

The XX, Crystalised.

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