Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nobody's lost but nobody wins.

I just want to run away. To run really fast, zipping past lamp posts and people.

It doesn't matter where i'm heading to or when to stop. Just run.

Hopefully to a point where fears can't catch up with me, where i don't have to worry about what future will bring.

Until i start to breath heavily, until my shoes are coming off, until i collapsed violently on the ground with multiple bruises. Just lie there with my eyes wide open until unconsciousness is the next thing that i know.

Then when i wake up, i'll be surrounded by people in white uniforms bandaging my wounds, telling me i'm in hospital while mildly taking a dig at me for being insensible.

I'll be looking forward to who'll be visiting me... All those friends and relatives that i've not seen for a long time and most importantly my family. Hopefully all my loved ones.

In the end, i'll be glad 'cause i'm able to see all of my loved ones again.

But, maybe you guys might dismiss me of sprouting nonsense. Then again, tonight is a sleepless night.

"Fill these spaces with days.
In my room, you can go, you can stay.
I can't sleep.
I can't speak to you."

Azure Ray, Sleep.

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