Saturday, September 19, 2009

Definitely A Treat

I know i might not even be celebrating this, but there's no wrong in soaking up in the mood of Halloween, isn't it?

I was just wondering if you guys have made up your mind on what you'll be wearing. If not, let me give you some idea with an editorial spread from Harper's Bazaar shot by Tim Walker.

These days its getting harder to impress others on Halloween. Everyone can easily be one of the ugliest, so there's no point in trying to be uglier than your friend's Frankenstein get-up. The trick is to look unabashedly beautiful with the quirkiest and weirdest ensemble. "Hallo-chic", anyone?

Ph: Tim Walker

I just love the Alexander McQueen dress in the second picture. I've seen it on so many editorial and yet i'll still get something new from it, a certain indescribable feeling.

Well, if you somehow manage to get that dress for your Halloween night (Though, i don't think so). You can come over to my place and rest assured that you'll be getting lots of treats from me.

"Keep my clothes kinky
and a hole in the sheet.
Never go to bed without
a piece of raw meat."

Peaches, Trick Or Treat.

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