Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm Not Done.

Friends truly learn how to be motherf***ers when they finally found themselves a partner.

You'll start to notice all the changes and all they can do is denying everything.

They'll give reasons like "Why do i always have to be the first to call?" or "I'm still the same, you're just kicking up a fuss." Oh yeah? I'm so tempted to kick your asses now.

Why would i want to bring all this up to create a stir? Fine, when everything starts to go downhill, i'd just want to ask you that, why should i be the first one you'll call?

Ph: Steven Meisel

Unhappy? I dare you to take me on.

"You're looking for me.
But i'm not what you seek.
I've got a twisted personality."

The Knife, A Lung.

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