Friday, October 30, 2009

The Only Place Called Home

It felt like years since i last blogged. But you guys have to pardon me because school works are catching up and i've been living on Redbulls and few hours of sleep for the past few weeks.

Being alone in Singapore away from my family proved to be lethal. Sometimes, i felt like i went to a home and straight into a room where i don't have any connections at all. Honestly, i felt like an orphan.

Its no wonder than i felt so nostalgic for these past few days, i wanted to go back home and sleep on the same bed with my parents as i did when i was young. To hear the faint breathing sound of my mum and dad's.

The thought of it keeps me warm. I feel safe and secure.

So i just want to get the assessment done in these two weeks time and work on my plan of going back to my family during the December.
Ph: Hedi Slimane

"The makeshift snow cave settled slightly,
but held us in and sheltered us.
Like Mum and Dad,
they always helped us."

Laura Veirs, Snow Camping.

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