Sunday, November 8, 2009


Look what i've found! Joan Pedrola and Patrick Kafka in an editorial spread. Two obsessions in a single editorial. Just pure 'obsessionism'! I hope there will be great casting for magazine spread like this in time to come.

Joan Pedrola

Patrick Kafka

Ph: Joe Lally

And, i've forgotten to add this into my October Obsession. New face, Frey Mudd. Doesn't he just look extraordinary? He could walked into a fine dining restaurant with only ripped t-shirt and jeans claiming he's the son of (insert a famous rocker's name here) and the host would still totally buy it.

Ph: Zackery Michael

"How do i feel for thee?
You smell of great disease.
'Cause we're young.
Fell in from the stars."

Crystal Castles, Courtship Dating.

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