Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pause The Tragic Ending

I can't believe on what i saw on my screen when i woke up this noon. Top model Daul Kim who's known for her quirky personality was dead. Dead. Dead. Dead.

She committed suicide though the official cause is not disclosed yet. It's apparent from her blog posts that she was battling depression a few months ago.

I wonder if too much knowledge caused her demise (She's an avid reader of philosophical books). Is 20 years enough for her to experience everything there is to this life?

Daul Kim

Usually i don't give a hoot about others, but she's different. She's the same age as me. Lived in Singapore before during her teenage years. And i frequent her blog often. I can relate with her. It's just a pity that a young life like hers have to go so early.

Just like how we do not have the choice of the time, day or place we wanted to be born, i believe we can't choose the same for our death as well.

Bye Daul.

"It's not easy to be human anymore.
And what used to please me.
Just doesn't please me anymore."

A Camp, It's Not Easy To Be Human.

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