Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Caught In A Bad Image.

I was pretty impressed by top male model, Baptiste Giabiconi landing a cover on L'officiel Hommes China for the April issue (Seriously, since when Karl Lagerfeld ever let him off his side before?)

And, I was even more impressed by the spread where it was a tribute to the top music icons in history like Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson. I felt that Baptiste did a good job bringing out the essence of each musicians.

Until i saw this...

Ph: Xiang Sun

Oh my Lord... I don't even know what to say. They placed Lady Gaga along with the Music Legends? So is Gaga a history now? But if so, why Gaga? I think its still too early to hail her as an icon. There are so many talented female artists worth to pay tribute to, like Patti Smith or even Karen O. Geez, I bet Madonna is going to be mad.

Maybe in China, Lady Gaga is the only female artist that they really know. Urgh.

Then again, Gaga might be mad too, because Baptiste's impersonation of her made me wanna wear pants and shut my legs tight all the time.

"I could tell that you wanted to,
jump in the pool,
jump in the pool."

Friendly Fires, Jump In The Pool.

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