Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wanna Taste The Vanilla?

I was just browsing through my massive collections of pictures when i came across a spread for FHM Collections Germany (not to be confused with the cheesy FHM man magazine you see in the new stands.)

Of course, i'm very late at this cause this spread was publish on the Fall/Winter 2009 issue but i thought i should post it up because every men should be comfortable in being sexy. Not the 'Singapore Calendar Guy' kind of sexy but more of being comfortable in their own skin, sensual and with a huge dose of naughtiness that come along with it.

Ph: Emilio Tini

Who says sexy full lips are only limited to the girls? Judging from these pictures, the guys wear it better, especially the gap-tooth beauty Oscar Spendrup in the last pic.


PS I completely forgot about February Obsession! So sorry, didn't know that time passes so fast. Do look out for March Obsession =)

"Don't i look tasty
like a french bon bon?
Even more sweeter
than a cherry bomb."

Robyn, Konichiwa Bitches.