Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's a long rant, read it or leave it.

My friend said that i'm someone who loves to keep things to myself and when i kept it for too long, i'll just erupt into a giant crater swallowing up everything.

Well, i need time to reflect on the things that was said or done to me. I have to go through it so that i can make sense of what's going on and where does my fault lies.

I've been keeping this for too long and now i don't want to choose any of my words with discretion anymore.

People just conveniently dismissed me as bad-tempered. Yes, i'm bad-tempered but i don't get irritated without any reasons. Why can't you realised that if only you can just shut your mouth and stop wasting time on being fickle-minded, it can make things so much easier?

Don't just victimised me just because i'm raising my voice a lil'. And don't give me reasons that you're a girl. Blah. You girls only know how to expect guys to be nice, patient and gentlemen all the time. How far back do you want to go? Do you still want to be able to vote? Do you still want to be able to wear pants?

Secondly, it is stupid having to know, lets say, what people are listening to these days, so as to be able to relate to them. I'm not a big fan of Lady Gaga but that doesn't i'm not capable of holding a good conversation to someone who is a fan. Why does what we listen to have to be dictated as well? Do you understand what does it really mean to relate? To relate goes beyond what a person listen to or what the person do. I want listen, watch and read on whatever i like.

Lastly, i know of the stereotype that you guys have put on me. So what if i'm one? Don't claim to be so loving and all when you can't accept me for who i am. If i have to put on a mask whenever i'm with all of you, i'd rather stay at home and sleep.

Ph: Hedi Slimane

"My friends they don't really get me,
think i'm the only one.
Well, i sold my soul to Jesus
and since then i had no fun."

Laura Marling, The Captain and The Hourglass.

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