Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Many Degrees?

I watched 'Drag Me To Hell' last night and to be completely honest with you, i was pretty hesitant at first. 

I'm not afraid of horror movie but this one involved hell!

I'm like, i know i'll be scarred psychologically if i'm going to watch it. In the end, i watched it anyway.

I'm fine with all those cheap scares that it gave but its the prospect of the character going to hell that scares me the most. Seriously, its hell, hello?

I'm pretty sure, for those who have watched it, will began to question themselves on who deserved to go to hell rather than the lovely character (I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't watch it yet) in the movie.

The truth is, in my opinion, no one ever deserves to go to hell. I cringe, whenever i heard someone muttered, 'Go to hell'. 

You know when you finally really see that person in hell, you'd have think twice on what you've said.

Ph: Matthew Ryan Lee

"I hold my breath and then count to three.
 On and on, outworn.
 Must be five hundred degrees.
 Will it show in my show?"

 The Knife, Like A Pen

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