Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fashion Orgasm

You know its not an easy feat to pose in a dramatic ways, give an 'orgasmic-worth' look and still look comfortably at ease doing it. Lets just say that Jakob Wiechmann completely took me by surprise. I've been wanting to show you guys this incredible editorial shot by Marcus Pritzi a few weeks ago. I guess my laziness got the best of me.

Still, better be late than never right?

Ph: Marcus Pritzi

In case you were wondering, this editorial was shot for German independent men's magazine, Feld Hommes which has been making quite a buzz in the Fashion scene.

Now, i can't wait to get my hand on it when i visit the bookstore.

"Bury me under ice.
Smother me under ice and snow.
Please extinguish me."

Soap&Skin, Extinguish Me.

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