Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Nothing Song.

I don't know how it happened but i just stumbled upon our conversation history. It felt as if an entire of memories that i'm slowly forgetting just swirled right into me like a tornado.

All those silly banters and entire night of teasing really made me smile. Now, i even have to imagine how you're doing.

Do you still go for run at every breaking dawn?

Do you still have pictures of mine with you?

Does the cat still loves to sleep under your bed?

And i remember all the sweet-nothings we shared. Telling me that i've nothing to be shy or ashamed about. I realized its really is nothing in the end because words can only mean so much.

All these memories that suddenly flooded my mind felt so surreal. Like waking up in the morning, just to realized i'm alone.

Ph: Hedi Slimane

Still, i wish you a Merry Christmas. And i wish you love.



Sigur Ros, Untitled 1.

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