Monday, December 14, 2009

Lucky There's A Family Guy.

Seriously, I've been bumming around at home for most of the days. Past few weeks have been fruitful and i really enjoyed it. Now, i'm just too lazy to go out. These days, it just cost too much to go out. Its so hard not too spend too much when i'm out, its like a dying art. Urgh.

So i just glued my eyes to my Macbook screen, watching Family Guys episodes. And i can't wait to show Daion and Steph my two-cents worth imitation of Lois' voice.

Of course, watching Family Guys should not be the only way to kill my boredom. I'd appreciate all my friends out there who blog often so that i can have something to occupy myself with.

Like Sophie, have more Tumblr posts. You've been slowing down recently. Keep it going!

"Oh yes.
Just one request.
If you bring flowers,
i like baby's breath."

Peaches, Mommy Complex.

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