Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something Arousing, Something Sizzling

Let loose your mind that meant to be imagining and arousing your inner self.

Devon Aoki for Nippon Vogue

Kerry Degman for Pop Magazine

Fernando Schnerocke

Ryan Vigilant's test shoot

Liu Wen for Flair

Anne V for Acne Paper Folio

Carmen Kass for Vogue Espana

Vladimir Ivanov for L'Officiel Hommes

Garrett Neff and Julia Stegner for Hercules Magazine

"Oh~ Won't you come,
 come, come into my world.
 Won't you lift me up,
 up, high upon your love."

 Kylie Minogue, Come Into My World


Anonymous said...

what is that fernando boy's last name?

Juju said...

Hey there, its Fernano Schnerocke. He's from Brazil