Tuesday, April 14, 2009


April has not been the best month for the past few years. So i'm definitely going to black list it next year. 

Sometimes when you're frustrated, you just don't know what your mind is feeding you with. I suddenly see myself hitting people standing beside me in the subway, shouting the F word loudly in the bathroom (FYI, i've never said the F word before) and getting back at those people that i've had enough tolerating with.

Of course. those are just images conjured up by my mind to fit my current mood. However, i'd love to decline it please. Its not doing me any favor. 

I'm so homesick all of sudden. I miss my dad. We rarely talk but i'd really want to see him and my mum now.

Alright, lets stop here because i can't help myself to think of my lovely parents while my mind is cursing all of the bastards and the unfortunate events going around currently.

By Hedi Slimane

"But a desperate fear flows
 through my blood.
 That our dead loves
 buried beneath the mud."

  The White Lies, To Lose My Life

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