Friday, April 24, 2009

The Ones that we go back to.

My assessment is just two days away and though my housemate, Linda told me that i looked very calm, i can assure you that i felt as if someone is going to throw me into the lion's den.

So many things to be done and sometimes i just lost focus.

In the end, i went to get myself a couple cans of Redbull and boy, i was so energised that even when i tried to sleep, my eyes would open automatically.

Yesterday, i just felt very uncomfortable. I need to talk to someone but to who? Who can really understand and spare their time to talk to me even for a while? So, i smsed my mum and she called me.

You know, its funny how growing up as a teenager, i always thought that my parents don't understand me at all and furthermore i was studying overseas, its just makes the whole thing worse. We don't really talk except for a couple exchange of sms or when i go back to my hometown during the holiday.

So, the decision to talk to my mum last night was a pretty weird and bold, if i may add. However, i'm glad to be able to talk to her. She still know me well after all these years, she pointed out my weaknesses and encouraged me. 

Don't hesitate to speak to your parents when you're feeling down. After all, they are the one that we always go back to.

By Hedi Slimane

"But you pick me up and brush me off,
 and tell me i'm okay.
 Sometimes thats just what we need,
 to get us through the day."

 Sarah MacLachlan, Push

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