Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fool Me, Fool You

I know April's Fool is already a few days back.

But, i wonder if you know. I'd love it, if everyday is April's Fool. Maybe it will teach me to take things less seriously.

Like maybe my lecturer will tell me, "Ju, you failed the foundation year, see you next semester again."

And before my jaw completely got detached and fell off, my lecturer will add, "Fooled you."

Or this particular friend of mine who say, "You looked like a cross breed of Mongolian Horse and Smurf." 

Wait, seriously, i can't help not to take that latter comment less seriously.

Oh well, i need to get over this semester, get my life back once again and forget about the plan about ruining someone's life.

By Hedi Slimane

"Baby you've got me thinking,
 about the things i left behind.
 A suitcase in Helsinki.
 Full of things i want to set on fire."

 CSS, Left Behind.

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