Sunday, November 2, 2008

Melancholy Drug.

It got better now, i guess... Less scared, less worried...

I guess what i once wrote was true, "Lord might have a plan, teaching me lesson through pain.".

Still, i miss my family... miss my old bed, that nostalgic rusted window holder, Mama's warm, Papa's optimism, Grandma's smell and Grandpa's wrinkles.

Now, i guess i'll have lesser chance to go back as i grow older... New responsibilities and new lifes unfold at each steps.

I just took my medicine and it said 'may cause drowsiness' which is wrong because it does caused drowsiness everytime i took it.

I love to be aided when sleeping; a nice hug, a good blanket and medicine that induce drowsiness (only when i'm sick). Maybe that's why people are addicted to drugs? Why should i ask this anyway?

The effects are kicking in and it certainly help when you're listening to Bjork at the same time.

Heartbeats gets slower, muscles relaxes and breath count drops... I'm falling asleep... I miss my family...

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sophiewoohoo said...

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