Thursday, November 27, 2008


I asked myself on whether i'm alright, because you can't be the one i adore.

Daion told me i should take it as a compliment since he might has seen me as a competitor... Really?

Somehow i wish that that is not the case,
so the grip will be looser.
Somehow, i wish i have not erased the messages.
Now, i have nothing to look upon.
Now, i have nothing to taste upon.

This is crazy; They asked me on how can i be so sure? But my instinct has never failed me. I know that i know and i recognised the destined one.

Yet, what can i do? What can i really do? I have always come in second in everything that i do, in everything that i have. If my life is pulling a joke on me, then all i can say is 'Well Done'. It started out as funny, then a little jinxed and ended with a misery.

"I really thought i was okay,
i really thought i was just fine.
But when i woke up this time.
There is nothing that could take me back to sleep,
to take you off my mind... this time."

Rachael Yamagata, Over and over

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sophiewoohoo said...

oh HONEY dont be miserable. you know you have TONS of people who love you. AND as for the tagboard, you'll have to go to and get one, you can follow the instructions. I LOVE YOU!!

take care, i read ur blog like ALWAYS. haha