Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Value Of Sin

Someone from the church once shared this revelation to me.

He said,"There is no small sin or big sin. All of them are the same when you sinned."

I carried this revelation with me all the time. I personally think it was true, it makes sense to me. Now? Maybe not anymore. Or at least in the human's perspective.

So, if in between me lying to someone and me murdering someone were the same then why are there different punishments for both? Of course, i would get lighter sentence for lying or even none but when it comes to murder, i'd probably get a death sentence.

Isn't it suppose to weigh the same?

If so, what's with the different treatment?

Then again, to God, the price of sin is death. So i guess, after all, everything does end up the same, or does it? Am i dissecting the value of sin just so i can appear more dignified beside a murderer in front of God? Honestly, i do. However, the guilt that i carry is no difference than that of a murderer's.

"Watch, i can flash across the sky,
a lightning bolt from up on high,
and i can crash into myself."

Laura Veirs, Icebound Stream

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