Friday, November 28, 2008

Pause the Tragic Ending.

It seems to me that people who dabble in art are most likely to end up with a tragic ending. It doesn't matter on how talented you are, how well received you are, somehow their life ended up in a way that made it so hard for me to believe.

Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist artist. His paintings and drawings are some of the world's best known, most popular and most expensive pieces. His works are outstandingly impressive, like the Potato Eaters and Starry Night Over The Rhone which are one of the few pieces that i wish i could own. His father was a minister in church and van Gogh served was even once a preacher.

Yet, all was dashed due to his amorous disappointments and mental illness struck him in the later part of hs life. He cut of his lower part of his left ear lobe and in the end killed himself by shooting his chest with a revolver.

Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde or better known as Oscar Wilde was a celebrated playwright, poet and author of his time. He is known to be witty and a handful of famous quotes came from him. However, he was discriminalised for being gay and jailed. After the release, he fell into depression and finally died of cerebral meningitis.

Everyone might have heard of him, he is Andy Warhol, the father of pop art. Everything that is related to the art industry, he has dabbled in most of them from painter to record producer. His works are thought provoking and pushed the boundary of art during his time. He has so many achievements that i can't even contain all of them here. Despite of the glory, he died of cardiac arrhythmia during his gall bladder surgery.

Why? It seemed unfair at times, especially van Gogh, he was supposed to be leading a good life. A faithful servant to God and blessed with incredible talents in painting and drawing. Yet, have to suffered and perished in his own hand. So do we all artist have to pay the price for the talent that we have someday?


Angela Guo said...

Well, I would say it's almost near impossible to be an Artist and not be depressed. But that is also the melancholy and the beauty of art - that something so beautiful would evoke saddness of all emotions.

Juju said...

In my opinion, all artist struggle with their own mind and destiny at certain point of time.

sophiewoohoo said...

i guess we need extremely moving emotions to drive us to express it in the form of art. and half the time, happiness doesn't count because it doesn't move us as much as sadness, grief or anger does. so i guess art is kinda bittersweet huh juju hon!

Juju said...

Yea! Thats exactly what i'm trying to bring across, well said Sophie =)

erica_dreamer said...

Actually Vincent Van Gogh's mental illness was due to two incidents. One was because he was a starving artist and most the time he ate his paints as a means of saving money. And we all know that in that time, the paint was lead based. The second part--which lead to him cutting his ear off--is that he married a prostitute and she gave him chypillus(sp?). An STD which if goes untreated means the deteriation of first mind then body. He cut off his ear for this woman as a means of showing his affection. I am not too sure if the revolver story holds true because the chypillis is what killed him. But he was an extremely good artist and his paintings are to die for. I am not too sure about the other two since they don't quite strike my fantasy. As far as the artists dying a tragic death, doesn't everyone meet with a tragic end, it is just those marked as famous or extraordinary that their deaths are shown to the world as a great loss. Any man that is loss is a great loss, to me, it is the tragedy of just noticing those who only did their life's passions. That's my view. If you feel I have stepped on your toes for any reason just let me know.

erica_dreamer said...

oops I meant to say strike my fancy not fantasy :P. that's what happens when one doesn't proofread before posting. My bad.

Juju said...

Hey Erica, thanks for dropping by and leaving comment. Well i can't put down every single events in his life so i just briefly summarised it =) Yep, he shot himself at his chest with a revolver, he didn't actually die immediately because he went back to the inn. However, two days later, he passed away. Anyway, i was down when i wrote this post and decided to focus on the tragic ending of few famous artists instead, haha =)
Thanks anyway =)