Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Unknown Lark

Ever wonder on who you might have meet when you missed that very train? Be it when you're rushing for school, work or appointment. You might have meet that very person, that special someone who is destined to be your closest friend or life partner.

If only you have cut down the time on styling your hair, snoozing or checking your email before leaving your house, you might have get the chance to meet that person.

That sudden rush of blood to the head, electrified eye contacts and fidgeting hands... To me, that's one of the few beauties of taking public transport. The chances of meeting people who you'll see only once in your lifetime. For some, i saw them a few times whenever i took the train and read stories from their faces.

Oh well, just one of my fantasies whenever i'm alone travelling. The need to reach out, to copulate, to understand are so strong yet all of this is done within my fantasy. My tutorial lecturer once shared that the relationship within fantasy is always better than the reality. I can't help but to agree.

"We slept in the shadow of the cedar tree,
we made love on the rising tide.
We smelled the perfume of the waxing moon,
we dreamt of all friendships kind."

Laura Veirs, Don't lose yourself

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