Saturday, November 29, 2008

Light up those clouds and eyes

A few days ago, the late afternoon sky was amazingly beautiful while i was on my way home. The sky looked fresh and billowing clouds were everywhere and there were white beaming clouds too, my favourite!

Can you guys feel it? I was standing over at the pedestrian walk trying to devour every moment of it. Somehow i wish i could see a careless angel, running around the edge of that beaming clouds. I always believe that there are activities going on behind the clouds especially those which are beaming with light. Maybe the angels are celebrating over something? No matter what, i look forward to those beautiful sky again =)

By the way, Edward Cullen is everywhere these days. Whenever i'm on my way to school, work or home. And by that, i'm talking about the main character of the upcoming movie 'Twilight'.

There are just something indescribable about those haunting golden eyes and pale skin of him that sets my blood running; awaiting for him to take a bite. And the fragile face of Isabella Swan breaks my heart; prompting me to hide her from harm. I'll definitely catch those two setting my heart on blaze in the cinema soon.

Speaking of advertisement, i came across a Rolex watch ad campaign and can i just say that it was utterly horrible?

It is like the photographer caught this secretary taking a short nap on her desk while wearing the luxurious Rolex watch. I think the Creative Director should be sacked.

"You come out at night. That's when the energy comes and the dark side's light and the vampires roam."

Sarah MacLachlan, Building A Mystery.

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